Weapon and Armour Display

The table is our interface with the public. It is here that your customers, under the supervision of trained members of staff are able to hold a sword, wear a helmet and try on mail.

With our wide range of museum quality armour and weapons, including Bronze age through to Georgian swords, a full range of living history arrows, long bows, recurve bow, crossbow, shields, helmets, pikestaffs and much more, many of which are custom made by Guild Armourers.

Coupled with the enthusiasm of the team manning the display, we have found this to be consistently one of, if not the most popular exhibits at many a heritage event.

This is easily transferred to an educational setting where our skilled presentations enable pupils to learn in an exciting, stimulating and tactile environment. Already several schools local to our base of operations have found us to be an invaluable addition to the way they present the required Norman element of the curriculum.

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