Freelancing Knights of Redemption

suit of armourSpecialist Historical Combat Displays

FKOR offer a unique and exciting blend of education, history and theatre. Whether for Corporate, Film/TV, Education or Heritage events "FKOR" can tailor their range of products and skills to your needs.

The Freelancers team are either members of, or trained by members of The European Historical Combat Guild. This means that our combat displays are as authentic as it is possible to be (without actually killing each other) derived as they are from genuine medieval martial arts.

We also have a large display of weapons and armour including examples of replicas showing weaponry from the Bronze Age through to the last legally worn sword. The Georgian Small Sword.

Over the last six years we have both as a group and as individuals been involved in an impressive array of TV and film appearances both in front of the camera and behind the scenes as fight choreographers. We have also been involved in events in Rhodes and Malta.

What does this mean for you? Simply this! The confidence and professionalism that we have gained from working with the best with a long list of satisfied customers including the Environmental and Heritage Services, the National Trust, The Irish Heritage Minister, The Mayor of Mdina, Malta and the Medieval Rose Festival, Rhodes

In the fields of historically themed entertainment and medieval combat displays, we are,

Simply the Best.

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